When service is your core offering, you have to be diligent about ensuring customer satisfaction.  By embodying the following principles, TFG has cultivated relationships that withstand the cycles of economic growth and downturns.

Listen Attentively

TFG takes care to understand the customer and create a solution to meet his specific needs on a cost-effective basis.  We develop custom-fit solutions to ensure the work we do is value-add, because we want to make a difference, not just a dollar.

Address Solutions Holistically

TFG consultants use a well-tested project management framework designed to approach each solution with an understanding of our customer's process infrastructure, tools and technology, and the two sides of behavioral response—culture and motivation.  Change only occurs when the solution addresses all of these aspects.

Be Trustworthy

TFG views situations from an objective, unbiased perspective while understanding that even a technically flawless solution is of little value if not implemented correctly with buy-in throughout the organization, especially from end users.  We do what we say, show up when we promise, and deliver what was expected. 

Institute the Learning Loop

Since its inception, TFG has emphasized implementing and strengthening the Learning Loop—the application of previous experience to improvement on the next iteration regardless of team member continuity or immediate repetition.  This pillar of Organizational Learning is deployed on every TFG engagement to help our customers develop a reservoir of knowledge upon which they can build long after our departure.  

Leverage the Organization

TFG is comprised of professionals with experience in each discipline of the value chain, providing us valuable insight into the “big picture” when addressing complex challenges.  Our customers benefit from our multi-function cooperation through enhanced communication, creative solution development, timely delivery, and profitable results. We are the generalists who glue the specialists together.