The Frontline Group (TFG) has over 25 years of expertise in business process optimization, project management, risk management, and software implementation in the petroleum, healthcare, and aerospace industries.  We assess, identify, and analyze process gaps and risk, then execute solutions aligned with regulatory and policy compliance while reducing risk exposure and implementing standardization to improve ROI, data quality, and operational efficiency.

By leveraging multi-disciplinary expertise from a variety of industry backgrounds, TFG can help streamline processes, protect against risk, and improve efficiency—all at an affordable price point.

Simply put, TFG can help you do business, better.


Multi-Disciplinary Project Management

Process Implementation

Change Management

Continuous Improvement

Document Management

Risk Management

Human Factors

Competency Management

Regulatory Compliance

Technology Strategy

Software Implementation

Data Management

IT Managed Services

Cyber Security

Drilling Engineering Expertise

Water Management


Scheduling & Logistics

Data Standards

Security & Risk


Business Process Optimization




State of Texas

Harris County

City of Houston


Consulting should be a value-add investment, not just another expense

Every TFG engagement includes:

  • Practical, fit-for-purpose solutions in manageable, scalable pieces
  • Change management methods that harmonize process and technology with organizational culture and individual motivation
  • Diligence and attention to detail with the ability to see the big picture
  • Organizational learning by implementing the feedback loop on every engagement
  • Solutions to challenges created by multiple partners and complex operational process
  • Unbiased, objective insight