For more than 25 years, TFG has received appreciation and gratitude from our customers for providing elegant process design, timely delivery, and profitable results.

The Frontline Group began in 1992 as OGCI Management by recognizing how standardizing processes could become the required platform for Organizational Learning—the application of previous project experience to improvement on the next iteration, regardless of team member continuity or immediate repetition. Mark Brooker had recently started serving as a business process consultant to Amoco’s drilling department, based on his dozen years in field operations. Ford Brett was doing technical process analysis consulting for Amoco drilling, based on his decade in drilling research. The two began to merge their thoughts and observations about the emerging needs they saw in the oil and gas industry. 

As partners in OGCI Management, the two men took on two key aspects of a gap they had identified in the industry. Brooker began supplying effective management consultants to project and departmental teams, and Brett began working on process development and software applications that could be effective for project management in the dynamic environment of subsurface intervention. The two initial Guiding Principles of Frontline, Serve Customers Creatively and Institute the Learning Loop, are directly reflective of these two service approaches from the early days of Frontline.

The company's ability to flex with the dynamics of the oil business and other project-driven industries has kept TFG offerings for the customer up-to-date and relevant to the requirements of the current business environment. TFG tailors the solutions to the outcome, time, cost, and scope demanded by the current pressure on your business.

Since TFG's beginnings in the energy sector 25 years ago, the company has enlarged its well of expertise to include business process and software implementation in the legal community, the aviation and aerospace industries, and healthcare , IT, and cyber security. 

Today, we’re doing the same thing we’ve always done—solving needs. Our efforts include meeting expanding industry, regulatory, financial,  and corporate requirements through the development of customer-tailored process development and project management systems for operators, risk management, cyber security, and compliance.